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The place for the public RP of Quodalaar to take place. Don't know what Quodalaar is? Take a look at Quodalaar.wikispaces.com!

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Welcome to Quodalaar's RPing forums!

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1Welcome to Quodalaar's RPing forums!  Empty Welcome to Quodalaar's RPing forums! on Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:58 am

King Maero

King Maero
Hey there! Chances are that if you've made it here, you've already been to the Wiki. But if you haven't yet, I'll be posting the link further down this post along with a few other links you may find useful.

I'll also take this opportunity to explain that Quodalaar is still under construction! The story has reached a point where others are now allowed to join, but the world is constantly changing around you. Even choices you make can greatly influence it! Quodalaar is aimed to be an entirely customizable world not only to myself and Denise (Queen Alyn), but to others who wish to join the epic tale as well.

Without further ado - Welcome, one and all! Any questions you may have you can post here, and will be added to the QQ&A! (No, that isn't a typo.)

Useful Links:
Quodalaar's Wikipedia.


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