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Coguran Misc: Always constant in WIP and Updates! (Last August 11/2010)

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Ushlin Tironga

Ushlin Tironga
Year 0: The kingdom known as Congura is created, after centuries of city-state warfare between the groups, under the leadership of Emperor Senderias the I at the now capital of Sakero Harbour.

Year 16: Senderias the II is born, his mother the Empress Calis age 23.

Year 29-34: Several excellent harvests and an idle army begins the march of expansion. Kolenus Keep in the east is founded.

Year 37: Senderias the II is married to Tellanda of the Casandras Household, ages 21 and 15.

Year 50: The Emperor at 73 passes on the throne to his son Senderias the II, age 34.

Year 61: Empress Calis dies at age 68 due to an illness.

Year 72: Senderias the II signs the Roads of All accords. This begins the production of building cobblestone roads using the military. This is the first time that Conguran soldiers are used for manual labour, and the idea catches on for in times of peace. Marrek is born.

Year 85: Volus Keep is founded, Senderias dies at the age of 108 to natural causes.

Year 92: Senderias the II descends from the throne at age 76, his son Marrek takes his place at age 22.

Year 96: First contact with Conguran military versus _____________, resulting in the Massacre of Delia Hill and a major loss for the Congurans. Diplomacy is dispatched and scholars to try to both understand and work with these new found beings. Expansion is halted.

Year 103: Marrek is married to Kisla of the Gennos Household, ages 33 and 25.

Year 104: Daughter Julia is born.

Year 107: 1st Son Gerras is born.

Year 108: Twins Kila and Vincent (Girl and Boy) are born.

Year 114: After much trial and error, linguists and translators from both sides agree to the Marrek Chalice Agreement, to which small amounts of bartering begins between the two communities. In a unique design of building, Tranzek Keep is founded. Mages and metallurgists work together in forming iron and steel in denser harder forms.

Year 116: Senderias the II dies at 98 years old due to an illness.

Year 122: In what some call a miracle, a fifth child is born, a son named Terin. Later that year Tellanda dies due to natural causes peacefully at age 98. Julia is married off to the heir of the Gennos household, Kevis Gennos; ages 18 and 23.

Year 126: Gerras is married to Rebecca of the Casandras Household, ages 19 and 16.

Year 132: Marrek, at 62, completes the Plains Treaty in the southern regions with the local tribes, leaving more land for agricultural development as well as learning new farming techniques. Marrek earns the name Marrek the Negotiator. A bawdy tune which later develops however around Marrek's bedchambers (Approved by Marrek who is said to sing it himself at feasts) however offsets it a bit. ((Song and it's name WIP))

Year 134: Vincent marries into the local west native's ruling family with a girl by the name of Nith'anli'los (Neethan is her Conguran nickname,) ages 26 and 30. His sister Kila is married into the Tranzek Household with Xerias Tranzek, ages 26 and 27.

Year 145: Terin is married into the house of Rezzin with Jaline and Soshek, female and male respectfully, an agreement between the three at the ages 23, 24, and 28. While this is the first case of an open bisexuality and polygamy in a sense, it is found in records for other houses that this move was not too uncommon for either or.

Year 160: Marrek, after 68 years of a prosperous rule, finally steps down at the age of 88. His wife however helps with ties between Gennos and Senderias Households. Gerras is crowned Emperor at age 53.

Mature Generation Numbers at Year 165: Marrek (93), Kisla (85), Julia/Kevis (61/66), Gerras/Rebecca (58/55), Kila/Xerias (57/58), Vincent/Neethan (57/61) and Terin/Jaline/Soshek (43/44/48).

Current Generation at Year 165:
MK: None;
JK: Son Felix (34) married to Hellana (26) of the Konus Household;
GR: Son Relias (25), Daughter Grail (22), married to Tennac (30) of the Luptin Household;
KX: Son Julis (30), married to Lillinara (24) of House Rezzin;
VN: Daughter Cathi'na'kilo (Cathy, 27) married to Tranzek noble Harunas (32), Son Leonite (23), and Son Jo'shathek (Joshua) (18);
TJS: Daughter Helia, 15;

Young Generation at Year 165:
FH: Daughter Telia (3);
GT: Son Kilan (2)
JL: Son Fezzrek (2)
CH: Daughter Julina (4)
L: Adopted Son Lith'o'canak (Lith, 11)

Historian's Footnote:
After this we will focus on the family lines of Julia and Kevis along with Gerras and Rebecca. The rest will follow suit in their own respective household histories.

Month 3, day 22, Year 174: The largest assembly of the two nations arrive in the capital for the funerals for Marrek and Kisla, passing away together one morning at ages 102 and 94.

Year 180: An assassination attempt on the Gennos nobility at the Summerfest Feast ends with accusations and evidence that it was sent by a Senderias noble, situation deteriorates between the two families; however, outright war is avoided for now between the families for the sake of their history.

Year 181-210: Each noble house falls into one of three factions: the Neutrals, mostly in the south as they work on the magics, feeling this necessity of politics just distracting; another is the Gennos faction, which is based in the central and western areas, is led by the head of the Gennos household Felix Gennos; the third is the Senderias faction based in the east, traditionally purest and believing in the power of the Congurans by themselves.

Year 185: Derin Gennos is born.

Year 192: Relias Senderias is born.

Year 224, 6th month: A civil war erupts between the Gennos and Senderias factions, causing multiple skirmishes immediately along the borders before the military itself has several insurrection assaults from within to deem who controlled which positions. More are won in the end to Gennos, with the help of the natives. However, Sakero Harbour remains in Senderias power.

Month 9, Day 2, Year 227: The battle of Sakero Harbour begins after a massive assault led by Felix Gennos after a 4 month siege, which results in most of the day in combat. Both Relias and Felix dye fighting in the keep, but Gennos takes over Sakero Harbour.

Year 228: Derin Gennos is named new head of household.

Year 234: Derin invents a long barrelled weapon that shot projectiles at long ranges at a quick reload, thought to be the first prototype of the SAKAP rifle in a pistol form. Originally however the technology was not great enough to upgrade it to anything bigger. Still proves a last minute advantage against the slower moving eastern armies and upgraded models still prove an apt side arm.

Year 238: Fort Kethos, nestled into the mountain ranges and thought impregnable, withstands a two year siege before finally having it's walls collapse from Gennos sapping efforts.

Year 349: Keep Kolenous is put under siege, the last real stronghold of the Senderias faction.

Year 250: The civil war ends with a surrender, and the ruling line of Senderias, under the leadership of Emperor Relias Senderias the II, is passed on under the new ruling family of Gennos to which the Senderias abdicate to. Emperor Derin Gennos is crowned. The noble houses of

Year 320: The Mages are brought into power around the landscape, helping the speeding of production and construction through their uses, bringing for a time a era of grand expansion for the Conguran people. Cosmopolitan values are sent out to assimilate the local natives around their territories, blending in their work with the mainstream Conguran innovations to speed up inventions and new processes of farming as well as fortifications. The exception is to the west as the Accords are only simply modified and agreed upon.

Year 345: Steam is used as a power source for the first time after being used for the last five years just to warm the main palace.

Year 355: With the economics focused on the uses of steam and clockwork power, mages and their support press for more influence over what happens in the market as well as policy. Order is dismissed by Emperor Feranias Gennos, then making movements to limit the mage's influence in Congura.

Year 365: Tensions build between the mages and the Conguran military, particularly at the Mage's seat of power south of the capital, Volus Keep.

Day 26 of the 11 Month, Year 367: On the cold morning hours, the mages assaulted the garrison of Conguran military surrounding Volus keep, annihilating it. A quarter of the kingdom breaks off with the wizards, declaring itself the Mageocracy of Dennias. The military moves in, starting what is to be known as the War of Arcane and Steel.

Year 390: Volus Keep is finally captured amongst the decimated numbers of both the Conguran Grand Army and the Dennias Magical Corp. Conguran territory is regained, but time is needed to rebuild everything that was damaged or destroyed. Volus keep is razed, leaving only the ruins of the massive Archmage tower to server as a symbol of magical fate. Magic is virtually banned, the only users being the Meigi (May-j-i) Vanguard, to defend against outside magical attacks to the country. The military is reformed and placed on rebuilding, redesigning of weaponry advancement as well as varying it's use in civilian purposes.

Year 395: Runes are lifted from the ban, deemed only defensive magic and as such could be used in partnership to limited use on machinery, must acquire a “Rune Pass” to make them.

Year 399: Rumours spread that amongst the now Ruins of Dennias that a group known as the 'Fist of Volus' lives on the frontiers and throughout the region itself. Are marked as known hedge wizards and have a standard bounty placed on them. The first Steam-tank is built.

Year 402: (Personal, Ushlin Tironga is born) Emperor Terinnath Gennos is into his third year of reign, 24 years old.

Year 412: The Steam Warriors Tournament commences; placing the best steamworks inventors, warriors and mechanics against each other at the capital. Proves to be a profitable and talent-seeking venture.

Year 418: Head 'cultist' mage Helion hanged, Fist of Volus flee into the underground of the ruined city of Jesia and continue their struggle at this stronghold. Conguran military tries several times to break in but escalating casualties call for a simply siege around it.

420: The Helik Crossroads Incident Occurs, 476 of five hundred soldiers and two battle tanks slain, mysterious purple blood-like trail drags off into the mountains.

Year 422: Jesia falls to the military as the last major known Fist of Volus base surrenders. A few are recruited into the Meigi, the rest continue on with the surrender's conditions: Every hedge mage loses their small finger on the right hand, and on the nape of their neck they are branded with a mark (To be designed.) If ever caught casting magic without the permission of the Meigi, they are dispatched immediately. A total of three hundred people are branded and then released. This is the official end of the War of Arcane and Steel.

Year 426: Current Year.

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2Coguran Misc: Always constant in WIP and Updates! (Last August 11/2010) Empty Generalities on Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:38 pm

Ushlin Tironga

Ushlin Tironga
Congurans are a rather fair skinned race, yet also rugged and stocky in build. The surrounding races with have their own enclaves in the cities, but otherwise they have handfuls usually in the villages; for the forts, there is a rare outsider as the Conguran try to keep the maintenance of their massive steam weaponry a secret. The Ruins to the south are seen as a constant spot of guerrilla warfare, a mixture of magic and military might being used by both sides.

Congurans generally live up to about 110 years, the middle years starting around 55 years. They are a race well varied on height, between 5'2” and 6'4” on average, and are human-like in nature. The only real differences are their eyes, which tend to have much brighter eye irises, as well as a natural increased metabolism that helps in keeping the civilization healthy, if simply a little bigger appetite. What may be in part of evidence to the brighter irises, their eyesight also tends to be better then a human's, giving them the preference to use ranged weapons rather then melee, though they are not shy of using a sword, axe, spear or shield if needed.

In cultural areas, Congurans tend to work within their own country; they do trade, but more to import then export their wares to the countries or regions that surround it. Congurans as a nation are a fiercely independent people, sometimes bringing on racist tendencies to the races that they do not already have deals in and still yet with the ones they do; not superior as more to xenophobia. As a community they are, including outsiders they've accepted in, connected to one another with shared values and interdependent workings, bringing in due respect for the elders. While new ideas do tend to be slow in being brought up in the smaller areas, they are generally encouraged. An irony to the dull-looking towns physically, the rather introspective Congurans are rather talented at lyrics and artistry.

Architecturally, Congurans have designed buildings to their fullest functionality. Artistry and other similar aspects in the house are a mostly internal affair rather then external, least on the buildings themselves. Squares, inner courtyards (between four houses usually) and main roads are usually given gardens, trees or other flora to give colour to the otherwise gritty places.

In terms of clothing the fashion is generally a Victorian-style with some barbaric traits, such as more to thicker clothes and leather, or sleeveless shirts/jackets. The hierarchy is based on an absolute monarchy system, to which it goes Emperor, Nobles, Engineers, Merchants, Tradesmen, Citizen, peasant. For the Emperor and Nobles, it is generally followed inside their own trends of clothing, but are influenced every so often by the humans. For merchants they dress the most brightly and flamboyantly, the country's colours of forest green and silver dawning as the usual colours of the garments. Engineers and Tradesmen generally wear clothes similar to a general Victorian dressed worker, give or take additions that would relate them to what their profession was (for example, Ushlin carries around a set of goggles and a leather bandana in case he needs to do emergency work on anything clockwork or mechanical.) For a citizen they generally wear clothes that serve as functional clothing with some added leather and clothes for design. As well as basic protection. For peasants it is a general basic tunic, pants and belt with perhaps adornments of a noble's region that they live in.

Sexism is discouraged as a whole in the kingdom and worth is seen on a merit of talent ad skill (A lazy person is someone who is looked down upon, or someone who simply wallows in the family wealth he did not help create,) though in the higher castes one may inherit their parents position. However, the emperor, should he deem his heir unfit for leadership, holds the right o adopt someone into the royal family to become the heir. This can only be done once, and once it is complete it is fully up to the new family member if they ever dissolve their rule to the former heir.

Sexually and religiously, it is fairly liberal as it stands: while xenophobia does overshadow the whole thing, it is generally consented if one of a non-Conguran race marries into a Conguran family. The reverse if frowned upon, but does not mean disownment for the average Conguran. Religious matters in Congura revolve around the godly brothers of War, Peace and Innovation: Kashek, Immanuel and Sacrendus, as well as The Mother Pelia and The Lover Nimphalis. Kashek is the one related to all things involving strength, combat and honour. Not surprisingly, his name comes up in a lot of Congura's colourful language. Immanuel is linked to diplomacy, agriculture, (WIP)

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3Coguran Misc: Always constant in WIP and Updates! (Last August 11/2010) Empty Military! on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:57 pm

Ushlin Tironga

Ushlin Tironga
The military for the Conguran army is a rather well funded side in comparison to most nations, as they double as the maintenance and construction force when not on active war duty. A platoon is 40 men, a company 120 and a squad is 8. There are three groups inside the military besides the navy: the Regulars, the Mechanized, and the Meigi Vanguard.

Regular Army Units: This is the main strength of the army, accounting for about 85% of the ranks.

Militia: The men and women of this rank use whatever weapons are useful in means to them, having their own squads and partners in training that they fight alongside. Dressed in light leather vests, iron armguards and a helm generally are the standard equipment for these trained citizenry. For anyone charging into the melee, they are also equipped with a iron kite shield.

Riflemen: The mainstay of the Conguran Army, these are the defenders of the towns and forts of the country as well as taking on the brunt with the shieldmen of any of Congura's enemies. Armed with the SAKAP (Steam Assault Kombat Air Pressure) rifle and a short cutlass for defence, these soldiers are given medium to heavy leather vests and pants as their general armour for quick movement and ease to formation change throughout the change of battle.

Shieldmen: These soldiers are equipped with long iron shield and are armoured in a mix of chainmail and scalemail. The sword they carry is narrow and built for thrusting as well as slashing, and provide the defence needed to have the riflemen wither down the enemy. Not a problem with the offence as well, the heavily armed and armoured men hold the line against all willing to storm the Conguran lands.

Cleave Guards: The shock troops of the regular forces, these men wield broad greatswords and simple chainmail; their metal caps with coarsely designed noseguards to reveal the charging warrior's face as they roar their way into combat. While much more to the original century style of fighting, it is nevertheless a proven psychological movement to see the Cleave Guards charge into battle, either at someone or beside them.

Auxiliary: These are soldiers whose physical makeup tends to make them specialized for jobs outside the norm. It is also the easiest way for a non-Conguran to gain citizenry, mind they need at least two years in the militia or another government funded employment to join this, or already have their citizenry. Their gear completely depends on the race in question that is involved and their role.

Mechanized Units: About 12% of the numbers in the Army are in this section

Clockwork Rune Soldiers: These are the first mechanical/magical 'golems' to appear after the civil war. Generally working on steam power, runes and brute strength, they can follow simple commands and are surprisingly versatile as they are attacked or attacking. They are generally built between 7 to 8 feet tall, with runes on each limb for more flexible movement. About two company strong, there is usually one of these in every 2 platoons of rifles and shieldmen to provide support if the main force is on the move; otherwise, the bulk of them are used in Dennias during peacetime to combat the arcane golems there when they appear.

Combat Engineers: Usually coming in on low altitude airships, these hardy folks are usually swinging the massive wrenches they use to keep the mechanizable intact and wear thick leathers, along with scarves to mark them as their role.

Sky Snipers: These are specialized riflemen who stick aboard the Conguran Airships, which are usually crews of 15-20. Their gear is nothing too much different to their ground counterparts, with the exception of a belt to clip themselves to the airship in battle. It's been said during the first dozen or so skirmishes their forces were used, the Sky Snipers were found all over the Airship in rather amazing positions just to get a good shot or dodge the incoming fire below. Airships are essentially platforms kept floating balloons and driven using a duo-propeller system. Besides the Sky Snipers these are armed with light modelled ballistae, and can fly as high as 200ft.

Steam Tanks: The are by most standards the beast of Conguran might and technology, a handful in numbers but a devastating thing to have on the battlefield. (Description WIP)

Meigi Vanguard: The remainder of the army resides in this section, rather secretive in nature to even their fellow Congurans. The badge of the Meigi is to be well respected should someone present a valid one, as their goal is to be the shield against magic. Having always at least three in anything bigger then a hamlet, the bulk are garrisoned to the south in Dennias. Their Uniforms are the forest green, with the Meigi Insignia stitched into the back of the robes. Meigi are generally recruited through scouts within the force, who scour the streets from time to time unbeknownst to the common folk.


4Coguran Misc: Always constant in WIP and Updates! (Last August 11/2010) Empty Factions! (WIP and name changes may apply!) on Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:36 pm

Ushlin Tironga

Ushlin Tironga
These are simple generalities when dealing with these groups, there are exceptions in each.

The Hand of Volus
This is the one of two major cults in Congura, if this one would be labelled as such. Once a massive force of power and knowledgeable in magic, it is now a group that rose up after the War of Arcane and Steel as a guerrilla force. After fifty five years of fighting the Conguran military, their ranks have been a small shadow of it's former self. The few that remain lay scattered amongst the villages and towns, the branded trying to get on with their lives whilst the younger mages trying to reform the Hand. They are bitter towards the Conguran Military and most of the nobility, but to everyone else they are neutral.

Conguran Military
The Conguran Military is divided more or less five armies: Central Division, East Division, West Division, South Division, and The Mobilized Fifth. The Central Division is the smallest force of the five, more of a garrison force for Sakero Harbour and the surrounding regions. Besides the West Division, they are the most level headed troops for dealing with other races. East Division, based in Vanguard Pass, is the hardiest but also the most brutal of the armies, as it's bloody dealings with the ___________ all along the Delvian Mountain Range. The West Division, based in Tranzek Keep, is mostly made of Congurans, but recently of late they have been making an auxiliary force of the natives that lived alongside Tranzek Keep. They are the most cosmopolitan of the Divisions, and also have slightly different tactics thanks to the natives giving the West Division trainers to learn from. West however is also the least funded, as their border sections are the most ambiguous. South Division was up until four years ago the most heavily funded. It contains also the most experienced veterans thanks to the final stages of the war and the guerrilla warfare that continued after. War weary and antagonistic of any mages, they guard their hard fought prize of Dennias tightly, where West and Central Division crews are also there to help with the reconstruction. The Mobilized Fifth is more or less always on the move, full of single soldiers looking for the extra excitement. Mostly made of the mechanized, their job with the mechanics at their disposal is in times of peace to patrol around the country from site to site to lend some extra steam power to any project. In war, they deploy themselves to critical zones along a battlefront to punch tactical holes in the opponents defences for the regular Divisions to use. Wild, energetic and innovative, it also is the only other force besides the West Division with a decently manned auxiliary force.

The Steam Parts Guild
Founded partway after the third century, this group became one of the first to promote the use of steam power to it's full potential use. A combination of merchants, mechanics and rune carvers at present day, their word is as valuable as gold if you can avoid any loopholes that might get put upon any deal they do.

The Meigi
The Meigi as a faction rather then a force is something of a society under the watch of the Sakero nobility. Their society is one that is obvious secret to most due to the arts they perform, and for everyone who successfully graduates from this group, they receive a brand on the top of their left hand through the use of a spell, which disappears after the spell is complete. The spell itself however is only known to the Runebearer, who is the second in command of the Meigi and reports to the emperor. The reason being is to make sure originally that the Fist of Volus would not copy the spell and infiltrate the Meigi ranks outside the capital and not be accountable. The brand would indicate the person's name, first and last, and the year of the brand being made. The only way this brand appears again is if someone mentions the full name of the first emperor of the Gennos family, “Kulin Desdrek Gennos.”

The Beserkers of Kashek
This is the only other major cult-like group in the lands of Congura. These men have been around since the first century, and since then have been the main physical form that was Conguran's racial aggressiveness. Usually dressed in chainmail with a tabard depicting a white fist clenched around red sword on a black background, these warriors are racist in nature to any non-Conguran and have pockets of power within the villages as well as outside of Sakero Harbour.

Northern Villages
The Northern Villages are reasonably moderate in comparison with the other villages, being in the middle of being friendly or not with foreign species or in which direction Congura's policies should take. Rather well built and sturdy farmsteads and villages dot the landscapes up in this region, the roads also in good condition for both winter and summer. Bandit activity is also at a low in this region, if at all due to lack of hiding spots.

Southern Villages
In polar opposites in more ways then one, the Southern Villages have only just begun to see life again after the brutal civil war. The roads range from cobblestones to barely repaired cratered paths. Hostility to anything mystical or foreign is more or less definite, and brigands are a moderate problem in this region.

Western Villages
The Western Villages are more tolerable then the rest of visitors and foreign contact, even friendly if their past has proved peaceful.

Eastern Villages

Military Forts

Sakero Common folk

Tranzek Common folk

Dennias Common folk

Kelonous Common folk

Nashshak Garrison


5Coguran Misc: Always constant in WIP and Updates! (Last August 11/2010) Empty Nobility on Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:10 pm

Ushlin Tironga

Ushlin Tironga
Noble houses (Up to 100 years to present):

Tranzek: (Noble Tribe), Tranzek (Major), Rezzin (Minor), Kallan (Minor, deceased in War of Arcane of War and Steel), Lucian (Minor), Jethan (Minor)

Sakero Harbour: Gennos (Major), Luptin (Minor, deceased in war of Arcane and Steel), Ulek (Minor), Nathanial (Major), Wak'ahse (Noble Tribe, minor to ______), Xeria (Major), Telina (Minor), Decius (Minor), Veridian (Minor)

Kolenous: Sendarias (Minor), Morgen (Major), Oshlin (Major, deceased in War of Arcane and Steel), Helik (Minor, dissolved after Helik Crossroads Incident), Coshek (Minor), Venngard (Minor)

Volus/Dennias: Casandras (Major), Konus (Minor), Nevan (Minor), Helia (Major, deceased in War of Arcane and Steel), Jessik (Unknown Fist of Volus Noble Family, Minor)


Senderias: It is the ancient line of the original kings, but for the most part it is now a closely watched minor noble house. Ever since their surrender to the Gennos family, agents from the capital keep a close eye on the reports of retainers, men, and gold in their coffers is so there is not a rebellion of the east for them to come back into the duel of thrones.

Morgen: Morgen is the largest noble house in Kolenous Keep, and is by nature an aggressive family. Stalwart defenders of Vanguard Pass, the only known wide passage through the mountains, as well as all along the range, they develop a lot of steamed-based firepower for the rest of the military, and are currently led by Hevik Morgan, a man in his late eighties.

Oshlin: Oshlin was a major house in both the east and south, but when the War of Arcane and Steel erupted, most of Oshlin's nobility was either assassinated or in the coming months dying in battle inside the grim defences of the local forts and towns in Dennias from the Hand of Volus troops. Rumours persist that an Oshlin noble exists, in hiding as Hand of Volus agents wish to rid the world f the blood line even now: for it was the noble household who advised the Emperor to discourage giving magical influence over the kingdom in the first place.

Helik: Once a prominent retainer for the Morgens in Vanguard Pass six years ago, a series of odd disappearances of platoon patrols in the northern mountains finally convinced the Heliks to summon up a force of five hundred men and two steam tanks to march into the mountains. An air ship had originally gone with them, but turned back due to bad conditions, and the force established a crossroads fortification near the spots of the disappearances. Two weeks into the reports, they lost contact with the post; and when a force of fifty or so men went up, they found one tank cleaved in two and the other having it's turret crushed in as well as most of the men dead and more or less mangled. Twelve survivors and three dead, including the Helik leader Geros, were found barricaded up in the small barracks built. Several were delirious and one with a fever. All they could tell the rescuers was that giant white beasts attacked the camp and that the tanks had wounded two and killed one, but bullets barely came into combat due to the chill of a blizzard on the SAKAPs. There had been five, but the size of the tanks themselves with bone shaking roars. It became known as the Helik Crossroads Incident, and the remaining Helik noblewoman Relia absorbed into her husband Velen's Coshek family.

Coshek: Coshek is the economic noble house in the east, stemming from large agricultural holds in the southeast. Recently noted as the Breadbasket family with the destruction of the magically enriched crops to the south, they do a lot of exporting and with the gain of the Helik foundries also in arms supply. While at competition with Morgen for dominance in the east, they too are traditional purists of the Conguran race and tend to avoid any foreign contact if at all possible. They are led by the outspoken Calis, a woman in her early thirties who is ruthless in negotiations and a close adviser of situations in the east to the emperor.

Venngard: Venngard is a small noble family inside the city itself, a retainer for Oshlin formerly and now for Morgen; they work as information brokers and are a bit shady in other activities in the east. They are led by a man known as Zenn Venngard, who reportedly is in his later years (he's never really seen that often.)

Sakero Harbour:

Gennos: The Gennos family, after their rise to power centuries ago, have made sure their power in Congura is concrete and secure. With family alliances between Tranzek, Rezzin, Coshek, Wak'ahse, Nathanial, and Xeria, it
also has the immediate disposal of the Fifth Mobilized as it's prime investor to keep his flanks complete. Around since before the Senderias family came into power, their goals nowadays are simple and effective for now, nothing to the standard of Marrek the Negotiator just yet. Their family members are spread throughout the capital and in several positions of administration in the military to keep things in their own order. The current leader is Emperor Terrinath Gennos, healthy, strong and cunning at 48.

Luptin: One of the older families to be in Sakero Harbour, an illness had come upon them that seemed to be locally within their estates, killing several of the elder members. The rest were heavily involved in the War of Arcane and Steel as they believed the plague to have been some plot the Fist of Volus created to weaken them. By truly unfortunate events, the Luptin family was snuffed out in one blow when they all met at a summer home to discuss things when several mage assassins caused the house with them inside to explode. The few survivors died later to their injuries, and the lands were absorbed into the Gennos lands.

Ulek: The Ulek family is a retainer family for the Gennos family, the personal guard of the royalty and of the emperor himself alongside Gennos bodyguards. Their lands are towards the eastern side of the city, and they are in control under Gennos of the arms building in Sakero. The current leader is a brutish-looking man named Zelvik.

Nathanial: The major noble family is responsible of most if not almost all the steam-powered projects inside the city, the main investor and regulator of the Steam Parts Guild. Their main zone of influence and land resolves around the harbour itself where all the steam parts are made and generally used, as well as the lands to the southwest for agriculture. They are led by the Sky Sniper Ace Salanka, a woman in her late twenties.

Wak'ahse (Walk-ah-say): The Wak'ahse are a mixture of the tribes of the west Conguran, a hybrid of the two species that formed shortly after the Marrek accords. While smaller in number, and hence is called a noble house rather then a Noble tribe, it has had several Gennos marry into the group and since has enriched the Gennos of the symbiotic relationship between the natives and the Congurans. Morgen nobles rather take offence that such “half-breeds'” blood is mixed in with the Emperor's, but Gennos quite firmly shows it wishes companionship at least between the western nation and Congura. They don't really have any official lands besides the ones the family members themselves work on. They are led by the leaders Nash'kana and Lauriana.

Xeria: Xeria is a rather exotic noble house, known for producing both the ingenious and the strange. They are the former ruling family of the plains south of Congura, an ancient city state known as Resuvias. Resuvias however is now the newest assimilated province for Congura, the ferocity of the War of Arcane and Steel showing them in a war Resuvias would not last. While now simply Xeria has family members in ministering Resuvias, it is generally for now independent of Congura until relations are more tightly established; that said, they are the ones responsible for the petition to give more lenience to some magic forms, lower ranked, and are expert rune crafters heritage wise. They are led by the mystical Seridin, a man in his mid forties.

Telina: A retainer for the Gennos family, they control the walls more or less of the city both landward and seaward, and with that make sure to see that both fortifications are kept at peak condition. The leadership, being based on merit, has led to several adoptions over the years; at the current generation, Hellena Telina holds the leadership, aged in her late twenties.

Decius: This noble family is responsible for a lot of the commerce inside of Sakero Harbour that doesn't involve Nathanial, involving the regulation of guild fees and the process of taxation locally. They are led by a small fellow named Kiluna, aged into his mid-thirties.

Veridian: Veridian is a retainer for the Gennos family, who deal with the local problems and crime rate inside the city. Veridian cell houses are known to be particularly helpful in acquiring the information necessary to find and capture any illegal operatives or operations. They are led by Ferinak, a man in his late forties.


Tranzek Family: The first and so far of two noble families to marry into the tribes, the Tranzek family is well entrenched into the Tranzek Keep's upkeep and maintenance. Led by Krezzik Tranzek, a man of some middle years, it has been a prosperous reign under him, and has developed some co-operative forts stationed in the tribal lands to help secure their lands and the Conguran borders.

Naga'tha'noshu (Naga-Tha-no-shoo): The tribe resides in the woods and foothills west of Tranzek as well as inside the castle city. With the long established Marrek Chalice Agreement, they see little of the bigotry that they might see eastward, as the western lands grew a tolerance and after the War of Arcane and Steel a likeness towards them. They tend to come in for trade mostly, but it is not uncommon to see a Naga'tha'noshu wandering around for socialization in Tranzek keep's social hubs. It is led by a female named Teth'lah'can'nila (Nila for short) that is about her mid fifties.

Rezzin: A Noble House on good terms with Tranzek and Gennos, they mostly are in positions of diplomatic work between both the noble houses and that of foreign contacts. Far more literate then most, they work the official treaties and situations that are needed done, but aren't needing the Emperor's attention. It is led by Celias, a woman in her mid twenties and well knowledgeable.

Kallan: This noble house had been one of the retainers for the Tranzek, and had gone into battle the first year that the War of Arcane and Steel began. Sadly, they were ambushed in a caravan to one of the forts they had not heard were overran, and were killed in the ensuing combat. Their lands were given to the Jethans.

Lucian: This noble family is a retainer force under the Trenzaks, though they have their own influence inside the western areas. More aligned to Conguran steam technology then native runes and techniques, they developed a lot of small steam-powered civilian work in the west; this does not however mean they are against the bilingualism of Tranzek. It is led by the young Kera, who just recently acquired it from his father Terith.

Jethan: One of the three newest noble houses, Jethan is led by it's first leader, Nathan Jethan, who was awarded his noble title for his heroic efforts and actions with the militia and battered forces of Fort Yishnah for stopping arcane golems from advancing at Yishnah's Crossing, saving Tranzek and most of the west from the brutality of the first few years that the War of Arcane and Steel began.


Volus/Dennias: Casandras (Major), Konus (Minor), Nevan (Minor), Helia (Major, deceased in War of Arcane and Steel), Jessik (Unknown Fist of Volus Noble Family, Minor)

Casandras: Casandras has remained in power since the beginning of the Empire, it's ability to stay neutral in times of conflict except in violations or just causes is stupendous. They are the caretakers of the Meigi, and in themselves carry their leader to have the Seer title, which they are trained from birth. In the battle for dominance in Sakero, Casandras took in soldiers from both sides to treat when their battles touched around Dennias and Volus Keep. When the War of Arcane and Steel erupted, they simply left the city with their belongings and soldiers, arcane golems of behemoth size guarding the main caravan as they moved to the southern fortress of Leon saying “That casters in their vanity have caused their own destruction.” To date,they are the only noble family who is openly allowed to cast magic besides the emperor's family, as well as own arcane golems.

Konus: Konus is the main retainer for the Casandras family, and i the war of Arcane and Steel provided the necessary manpower to deterrent any Volus or Military forces from trying to force their way onto the southern frontier. They are led by a quiet man by the name of Bran, who is in his late thirties.

Nevan: Nevan is also one of the newer households as they are the ones who funded the smuggling operations to help Conguran refugees out of the battlefronts of Dennias and to have provided aid to the military in their operations once they were secure in Nevan lands. It is ld by the young Kai, who for the moment has sent offers to both Casandras and Rezzin for co-operatives in the south.

Helia: Helia was the major ruling power besides Casandras to the south that had been pro-magic in the ruling circles of Congura. When the war of Arcane and Steel erupted, it was the main funding and supporter of the Fist of Volus throughout the whole war, and the primary source of commanders. However, near it's end they lost most of their members, and when the war ended any survivors were executed, and their lands divided up between the south nobility.

Jessik: A rather minor noble house from older times, it kept it's head down in the War of Arcane and Steel. Being only a general supplier to the Fist of Volus troops, the only real damage done to them was on their lands. However, their coffers are still bristling with Volus coinage, and with that they still sympathize with the Hand of Volus group.


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