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Ushlin Tironga

Ushlin Tironga
Congura (Con-grr-rah,) Congurans: The Congurans are so far the only race that contains truly similar descriptions to that of humans, and with that seem to also have the same personality traits. The only real difference was their eyes physically, colouring towards lighter and brighter shades, almost crystal-like glows to their irises. It is known that because of whatever this may be, Congurans can see quite sharply for a distance if focused, and their reflexes are somewhat faster the a humans. They also however carry the natural disadvantage of little to no natural defences, so they rely on both strength and cunning in battle and defending their homeland. They stand generally 5'7” to 6'3” for both males and females, and age up to on average a century and some years. Congurans were first officially known when the city states appeared seven hundred years ago, much like the Earthen Greek ones. However, about five hundred years ago they split into two groups; The Conguran Empire and the Grake Clans. To this day this still do battle all along the Ferinas mountain range.

Congurans are a rather fair skinned race, yet also rugged and stocky in build. The surrounding races with have their own enclaves in the cities, but otherwise they have handfuls usually in the villages; for the forts, there is a rare outsider as the Conguran try to keep the maintenance of their massive steam weaponry a secret.

In cultural areas, Congurans tend to work within their own country; they do trade, but more to import then export their wares to the countries or regions that surround it. Congurans as a nation are a fiercely independent people, sometimes bringing on racist tendencies to the races that they do not already have deals in and still yet with the ones they do; not superior as more to xenophobia. As a community they are, including outsiders they've accepted in, connected to one another with shared values and interdependent workings, bringing in due respect for the elders. While new ideas do tend to be slow in being brought up in the smaller areas, they are generally encouraged. An irony to the dull-looking towns physically, the rather introspective Congurans are rather talented at lyrics and artistry.

Architecturally, Congurans have designed buildings to their fullest functionality. Artistry and other similar aspects in the house are a mostly internal affair rather then external, least on the buildings themselves. Squares, inner courtyards (between four houses usually) and main roads are usually given gardens, trees or other flora to give colour to the otherwise formal looking places.

In terms of clothing the fashion is generally a Victorian-style with some barbaric traits, such as more to thicker clothes and leather, or sleeveless shirts/jackets. For the Emperor and Nobles, it is generally followed inside their own trends of clothing, but are influenced every so often by the humans. For merchants they dress the most brightly and flamboyantly, the country's colours of forest green and silver dawning as the usual colours of the garments. Engineers and Tradesmen generally wear clothes similar to a general Victorian dressed worker, give or take additions that would relate them to what their profession was (for example, Ushlin carries around a set of goggles and a leather bandana in case he needs to do emergency work on anything clockwork or mechanical.) For a citizen they generally wear clothes that serve as functional clothing with some added leather and clothes for design. As well as basic protection. For peasants it is a general basic tunic, pants and belt with perhaps adornments of a noble's region that they live in.

Sexism is discouraged as a whole in a kingdom and worth is seen on a merit of talent ad skill (A lazy person is someone who is looked down upon, or someone who simply wallows in the family wealth he did not help create,) though in the higher castes one may inherit their parents position. However, the emperor, should he deem his heir unfit for leadership, holds the right to adopt someone into the royal family to become the heir. This can only be done once, and once it is complete it is fully up to the new family member if they ever dissolve their rule to the former heir.

Sexually and religiously, it is fairly liberal as it stands. Religious matters in Congura revolve around the godly brothers of War, Peace and Innovation: Kashek, Immanuel and Sacrendus, as well as The Mother Pelia and The Lover Nimphalis. Kashek is the one related to all things involving strength, combat and honour. Not surprisingly, his name comes up in a lot of Congura's colourful language. Immanuel is linked to diplomacy, agriculture, and reason, and is sought to for diplomatic problems or to remark to if say one is feeling stressed. Sacrendus is involved with the scholar, the inventor and the air ship crews in particular, a symbol of luck as well if attached to one's mechanical devices in one way or another. Nimphalis is one to mark which of the brothers is in favour to the Congurans, though her role has lessened over the years in that matter as Congurans work with technology. Her main role however is being the god of fertility and of life, and is said to be the divine enchantress for the older Meigi. Pelia is the one that watches over all in life or death, the encompassing comforter and the one who cheers as her brave sons and daughters march to war or build a better life for Congura. Their symbols, in the same order respectively, are the Axe, the Scythe and the Scroll, the Sun with a Hammer inside it, the Moon, and the star wrapped in a silk cloth.

General Traits (In comparison to humans):

Can cast magic
Greater reflexes
Hawk-like eyesight
Increased metabolism
Increased efficiency in respiratory system

Classes: The reason I choose these specific classes is that these ones will not feel too badly grounded to one city or another for duty's sake, but can move freely, and even internationally if motivated to do so. If one's character however wishes to stay in one city, any job that would fit in a village or city with machinery would do.

Merchant: From coins to haggling, the role of this one is relatively simply, and is considered middle class if he is doing successfully. Usually trained through a guild or independent, these hard-working people are the epicentre of any goods either minute or magical.

Good with Mathematics
Good Charisma
If in a guild is able to see wares most do not

Mechanic (Runemaker optional): These people are the blood and bone of the mechanical machine that drives the Conguran Empire. Whether it's working with simply (says the mechanic!) civilian machinery to making sure the steam tanks are kept running and firing, the mechanics are middle class citizens who spent time at the Steam Parts Guild, or learning under a mechanic to apprentice.

Fast thinker
Stronger then average
Proficient with steam weaponry as standard

Soldier: From militia to rifleman, a soldier does what they do best at; fighting. Their role is simple; to defend against the opponent and attack the very same who were foolish to assault a Conguran settlement or caravan.

Stronger then most
Skilled in their weaponry
Proficient with all standard Conguran Military weapons
Greater Endurance then Most

Free Citizen: Whatever it is you wish to do or have a trade in; if it works here then go at it! The free citizen is someone who is not in a trade that is a life career, more free-styling in several jobs or becoming someone who gets funds through the job board.

Free Spirited
Unique Aspect (Increased Strength, Agility, Dexterity, or having more intelligence or wisdom)
Able to move freely or settle down as they wish

Explorer/Scout: Either hired by the Conguran military or just a ranger who wishes to see the world, the scout is also the most resourceful when it comes to living off the land. These same folk, depending on their backgrounds, may have a much broader or narrow view of civilization as they go about the world.

More Endurance then most
Proficient with ranged weapon of choice, usually SAKAP rifle.
Free Spirited

Airship Crewman: Rather limited as to where you go, as it is most of the time only within Congura, it is still all the same a highly aspired job and role. You can range from being a hybrid (Airship Mechanic, Sky Sniper Soldier,) or you can be part of the workforce that simply drives and maintains it for use. Airship crewmen need to be quick on their feet as well as think quickly, as a small misstep can spell the end for the entire crew if it causes the ship to crash.

Fast thinker
Gains two of the hybrid bonuses (If applicable)
Proficient with standard Conguran Military weapons

Meigi: The Meigi are a highly respected force, to which end is also a secretive one. One is put through rigorous training to become one, the loyalty tested and the brands that a Meigi wears proof of his entrance. They are the force that deals with hedge mages and with any magical force foreign to the Congurans themselves; either by force or by discovery.

Can cast magic legally
Highly disciplined
Logic thinkers
Can choose 2 classes of magic to use (Obviously any magics involving the death of people first are illegal.))

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King Maero

King Maero
Excellent work as always, Ushlin! After a bit of color editing, this will be added to the Wiki. Congratulations!


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