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Terrinath Gennos

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1Terrinath Gennos Empty Terrinath Gennos on Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:45 pm

Terrinath Gennos

Terrinath Gennos
Name: Terrinath "Terry" Gennos
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Birth Date: December 18
Sexual Preference: Hetero
Race: Conguran

Appearance: His skin tone is darkened and he himself is rugged, usually wearing military attire except in his private quarters, in which case he simply has it nearby. He is always carrying at least one SAKAP pistol on his persons somewhere, and has burn scars around his left eye.

Eye Color: The heritage-coloured Deep Emerald Green that all Gennos members seem to receive. Only his mother is one of the few who received ruby-gold eyes.

Hair Color: Sandy brown

Hair Style: Kept down to just past his ears and a beard along his jaw.

Height: 6'0

Weight: 170lbs, mostly slim muscle.

Other Features: Besides the burn marks around his eye, he bears the sigil of the Gennos family as a tattoo along his right shoulder.

Clothes: Most of the time military clothing, so a combination of wool, leather and metal. His casual clothes are a silk doublet and soft but thick leather pants.

Shoes: Worn black military boots

Gloves: Fingerless leather gloves.

Other: His standing as a Knight's Commander is signified by the spauldron on his right shoulder, usually covering the family sigil.

Social Standing: He is considered one of the highest nobility short of the royals themselves in Congura. His military standing however leaves him with more freedom then most rulers.

Occupation: General, fighter, advisor.

Hobbies: Working on steam powered machines, sparring, writing, sketching, and speaking with intellectuals. Also teasing Alyn ever so often on her so far novice inexperience.

Likes: A good piece of machinery or steel in his hand, keep on schedule, some sweets, being in the company of his troops.

Dislikes: Insurrectionists, rebels, idealists, air heads, ignorants, the Grake Clans and carrots. Yes, carrots.

Strengths: Military and civilian infrastructure expertise, statescraft, personal skill in combat.

Weaknesses: Being tempered all the time, always wishing to do something, his mild allergy to canine Cooanei.

Medical Problems: His left eye originally has some problems, but his goggles can correct them.

Personality: A well mannered and passionate man, he sees the safety of both his kingdom and country first and foremost.

History/Background: thrusted onto the throne at a tender age of 15 when his father died of being struck with illness, Terrinath had several potential opponents to this already bloodied throne. Nobles from the East were suspected of sending assassins to his keep one night; only the courageous wit and wisdom of both the Knight's Commander and five of his soldiers were able to stop what was known later as the "Seven Nights of the Midnight Blade". The young man's ability to survive his assailants became somewhat imfamous, and soon the assaults ceased; weather it was of Assassin's not taking contracts anymore or if the nobles stopped was never found out.

His teacher was an old general of the War of Arcane and Steel for statecraft, and had placed steamworks as a primary investment of the Congura's coffers. He worked alongside members of the Airships, the soldiery and the mechanics alike, trying with a facination to understand it all. For the next decade he had his own training in the Steam Parts Guild Academy, in which he became a certified mechanic by the year 411. On the encouragement of a classmate, he starts the Steam Warriors Tournament the following year.

In the current history, his left and right hands (Vennessa and Ferdinad)are running the government side of things with Leu when he is around (none know of his true nature yet.) and otherwise Terrinath travels between the Nox family and around the country to keep an eye on things.


Weapon of Choice: SAKAP pistol and rapier, though an airship does much better!

2Terrinath Gennos Empty Re: Terrinath Gennos on Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:17 pm

King Maero

King Maero
Interesting character. Approved!


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