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Tranzek, City of the Conguran and Hontha

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1Tranzek, City of the Conguran and Hontha Empty Tranzek, City of the Conguran and Hontha on Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:29 am

Ushlin Tironga

Ushlin Tironga
Vezrik'ana'gan'tah 'Vezri' Mil'ganca moved along the street, his light plate scalemail shingling in the air as he patrolled. He was a shorter man, a well built 5'9", and his Hontha heritage bore well on hi figure. The armadillo like skin that wrapped about his shins, along his fingers, forearms and abs look well worn from use but healthy. Two SAKAP pistols sat on his belt along with his broad bladed dagger, and his clothes of greens and blues were covered by the chest vestments of the armor. Truefully, it was still taking him a while to get used to the gear, but for the most part in sparring he had gotten used to it.

For the most part he had been spending his current patrol working through one of the outlying towns beside Tranzek, looking about with an alertness that shone through his dark amber eyes, his dark skin and black hair giving him quite the contrast to some of the Congurans citizens mixed into the Hontha peoples that lives here as well.


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