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King Maero

King Maero
Nation/Civilization Name [Pronunciation]: The general description of the nation you wish to design and use. This would include the present ruler and any general traits not expressed in the core race.

Age of Nation: This is to declare or help organize if any other groups might have heard or seen this nation at it's beginning or to present day.

Which Race is the Core of the Nation: This is to declare what the majority (or minority) that is in control of most policies. While this may include one or two groups, it is to design what race founded the nation.

Sub-Races for the Nation (If Applicable): These are the races that form the rest of the country; they may be influential, but for the most part are simply residing in it as normal citizens.

Governmental System: This is to figure out what sort of, say, respect system is in place, as well as how the government works. Cogurans for example are an Empire, and the governmental process would be broken down here.

Factions: Inside the government, are there certain groups with influences and having different views on how things are ran? Do these factions have influence over specific areas, or a general nobility?

Population Numbers: Considering this world is relatively new, the max would be about 300,000 in a nation: only the most frisky races by the way would achieve this.

Science Viewpoint: This is the nation's standpoint on technology, and how far along it has achieved. It can range from naturalists who live with still sword and arrow, or something along the lines of technical geniuses discovering steam, which for the moment is the pinnacle of technology here.

Magical Viewpoint: This is the nation's opinion of magic. Is it revered, is it commonplace; is it repressed or feared, perhaps meant only for the elite to know? Also, this is where if it is indeed practiced, what sort of magics would apply.

Time line: This is where you display a general or specific chain of events since the creation of the nation. As with all great nations, one should know about it's roots. An example is to go year by year, and for now use earthen calenders.

New Nation Classes: This is where things specific to this nation would be usable, rather then one race's classes. For the core race it would be about the same; however, non-core racials could now play these classes too.

Nation Template (c) Ushlin Tironga. Congratulations!


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