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Blizzard Behemoths (I need to work this around a bit it seems as I keep reading and making posts before the section!)

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Ushlin Tironga

Ushlin Tironga
Blizzard Behemoths (None, locals call them "Giant Phantoms") = A creature that had it's first recorded appearance at the Helik Crossroads, it has been rumored to have resided in the mountains to before the Congurans were unified into the two kingdoms they are now. This monstrous creatures sand up to twelve feet in height and have the shoulder width span of six feet. It's intelligence is comparable but bestial to that of a fantasy ogre in earthen tales, but it's brutal strength and stamina is far worse, as is it's hunting abilities. It sleeps for most of the day, traveling out into the dark in search of pray. While few in number, they are the only reason there is few if no Conguran mines deeper into the mountains.The reason they are known as blizzard behemoths is that their fur covers them top to bottom, their skin a pale gray and are able to hide themselves easily within the winds until it's too late.

It is a very bulky, brutal looking animal, and it's form of walking is dragging it's arms sometimes while walking upright, or at full speeds (It needs to be inspired or hunting) it uses it's two massive fists and feet to run up to 20 miles an hour.

Male: Males are the smaller of the two, and take trophies from their kills; usually being the largest bone in the body. Their face is more masculine and their chest tighter width wise, giving a barrel-like body type.

Female: Females have heavy chests which act in three ways; insulation, feeding and a last line of defense. Females are larger but are not usually the hunters, they are more mating with every male to increase the family, and their body types allow for single births.

Unique features
List some features specifically unique to your beast. What sets it apart from the rest of the bestiary?

Physical: Stated above.

Color: Create a color sheet for your beast. (Go into a program like Photoshop or use a color-picker online and get the Hex Codes.)



Fun Facts (Optional)

Fiction: Behemoths go into villages and raid them for food and people, dragging off innocent Congurans to feast on.

Fact: Only once did this occur, and is the starts of the story. No one was dragged off, but a warehouse was ripped apart, and the stores for winter gone.

Blizzard behemoth young are never seen as far as Congurans are aware, but for the most part they are much wider eyed and looking like a wet dog most of the time until they learn how to groom and hunt.

Mating rituals (Optional)
As soon as the female is in heat, the males will fight each other for the right, and the result can be many insertions but only a few successful fertilization.


King Maero

King Maero
It's looking very promising. Fill it out a bit more, try to make sure all (or most) of the categories in the original template are filled, and I think we have another great find, here.


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