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Hon'tha'glash'ah (Hone-tha-glash-ah)

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Ushlin Tironga

Ushlin Tironga
Hon'tha'glash'ah (Hone-tha-glash-ah), Hontha: The Hontha are a tribal people that came into contact with the Congurans two centuries ago, having been established as a race in the area for almost a millennium. Congurans, confident of their previous conquests, advanced upon the Geli'gashi Forest, making a camp at what is known now as Delia Hill. The Hontha attacked the camp with their tak'chien fighters forces and their obsidian slingers; the resulting battle left the Congurans committing to a last stand on the hill as the surprisingly better equipped natives beat off the assaults. Now thanks to the Marrek Chalice Accords, the Hontha are a in a symbiotic relationship with the Congurans, who do trade resources as well as soldier doctrines.

Hon'tha'glash'ah are described at shorter then the average human, straight backed however and with slit eyes. They have good vision in the dark, and have dull flexible outgrowths along the top of their toes, tops of their hands, shins, around their eyes over the top and on the outside of their forearms. These outgrowths are about as flexible to movement like silk, yet are as tough as dense steel alloys.

Culturally, the race is based around a system that depended on the markings one receives at birth, and what your markings deem is what you are to be taught and trained in. Both genders can become fights, but only males with the heraldic markings can be of the research, and females with the mystic markings are known to be sensitive enough to use magic.

Sexually, marriage between mates is a rare thing to hear about, as most are to make sure their species grows at a steady rate: the race will sometimes grow into a role known as golems, in which they are extremely fertile; but otherwise males may need several times to mate successfully with a female. Females, in this sense, are the superior gender in some matters and cases.
Generally, the Hontha are a non-religious, philosophical people who are both compassionate and enthusiastic in what they do. They are also the single major tribe that dominates the rest, all that opposed Conguran multiculturalism were crushed soon after the Marrek Accords.

Traits (In comparison to humans):
-Hardened Immune System
-Faster Footwork
-Excellent Eye-hand-foot coordination.
-Loyal to community and comrades
-Resistance to toxins naturally occurring

Dela'nash'kanu Slinger: known as a Delnash slinger by the Congurans, who's ability to track their targets and keep up their rate of fire is sometime mind boggling, especially considering the ammunition. Using their armoured skin, they roll in spiked balls into their slings, which they throw into the enemy ranks to disorient, blind, and cause confusion if not death. They usually have the Fighter Mark, which is a four pronged star on the bridge of their nose.

Dela'nash'kanu Slinger Traits: While faster and better at aiming then the Tak'chien fighter, it is relatively average to a Hontha warrior. They are equipped with a sling, usually a quiver pouch of 100 balls at any time, and have been trained in Tak'chien for self defence.

Tak'chien Fighter: These fighters form the first line of defence for the Hontha, equipped with multiple weapons and varying styles of armour; the latter usually very light. Born most of the time with the Fighter Mark, these fighters have been trained from near bear the teachings of discipline on the battlefield, to what they defend and what they should keep their goals to; causing for reasons like revenge or greed is highly frowned on in this order. Fighting prowess is determined by skill, strength, and endurance, and at the age of 16 are sent on a Journey of the Forest. The Journey is to help the student realize all the things they are help defending and to where they might live. Humans in the last twenty or so years have been taken fully new to the style in the old original schools, but at the time of the Marrek Accords beyond, champions from Conguran-based schools would be sent to these schools to learn the final motions as well as test themselves against the best of the Hontha Tak'chien. There are two sub types as well to this class; traditionalist and modern, the latter losing proficiency of some throwing weapons to have in exchange for proficiency for a SAKAP pistol.

Tak'chien Fighter Traits: Tak'chien fighters are the best the Hontha have to offer fighting any opponent on the battlefield besides a War Seer. The hardiest, strongest warriors, they are also proficient with most standard weapons, but prefer to fight barehanded along with a serrated edged circle knife known commonly as a copper neck as a traditionalist. For the new generations, they have grown fond of the SAKAP pistols, integrating them into the art.

Seer: These are the spiritual and one of the two types of advisers/elders one can see in the Hontha race. Bearing the Mystic Mark, the seers are generally women who are given training as soon as their ability to use magic appears. Trained to be tolerant, kind, and also observant, one looks to these members of questions relating to the internal affairs of the Hontha. Some are recruited to become War Seers, which use their magical abilities to help her fellow comrades.

Seer Traits: Besides being the main caster of magic for the race, the Seer is graced with the second best knowledge Hontha has to offer, along with the traits of wisdom and charisma.

Intellect: This role has been a male only as it seems the Heraldic Mark has yet to have appeared on a female child within their lands (Some reports that female intellects are being born pointed at half breeds with the Tranzek population.) Their job is to safeguard the Hontha as well as their fellow tribes; history, their tales of wisdom and to research into what can benefit their race. They are considered the one other style of elder, and are trained from the young age of seven.

Intellect Traits: Intellect are the forefront of research and invention, as well as beings of great intelligence. Able to think quickly and move quick on their feet for diplomacy, they are a force to be reckoned with civilly or militarily.

Hontha Warrior: Any other Marks one might receive are placed into this category, they are the standard citizen of the Hontha. Trained in at least three years of combat training after transcending to man/womanhood, their roles in society range from hunters to militia to home fathers (Similar to a housewife.)

Hontha Warrior Traits: Proficient in weapons of choosing and of whatever role they fit into society. Mind however as a Hontha Warrior steam power is only slightly influenced outside the Conguran Empire of influence, so if you wish to affiliate the Hontha warriors involved in that would be around a Conguran fort either along the border or Tranzek Keep itself.

Konoshu Citizen: This is part of a small town that lies as a border-town between Tranzek Keep and the main camp that serves as the checkpoint to the Hontha capital. These are half breeds as a general standpoint from either their parents or grandparents generation (unless noted) and can take from the Conguran race tree as an optional bonus. However, only one special bonus for either halfbreed.

Konoshu Citizen Traits: Stated Above

Golem: Golems are Hontha who have growth of their armour-like skin along their stomach, the outside of their arms, and all along down their back; hence being called golems. Originally seen as a medical condition, it is now seen as a heritage for one to praise getting, as it seems to increase fertility of the seed or egg and endurance is increased by the armour it seemed tenfold. Skin of old armour however proved not to produce golems.

Golem Traits: Stated above.

Markless: These are a set aside caste of people inside the Hontha, few in number but they exist. Their faces are completely bare of any markings at all, and originally that sent one to being outcast by the former major tribe of Jalk'alan. Now simply similar to wards of the state, they are given open choice to either try out several roles in Hontha society or are given invitation to live in Tranzek or Konoshu. One odd fact that the Markless seem to have is they are very sensitive to magical auras, spellcrafting or the energy itself to use, making them fearsome casters; some are employed in the Meigi as such.

Markless Traits: Besides the ones stated above, they seem to have an affliction that affects them around strong sources of heat, in which they come over with a hourly fever.


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King Maero

King Maero
Well done, and approved. I love the concept, and I love the ability they have to adapt to other roles - Not just in their own race. Approved, proceed to fit it to the template, and stick it on the Wiki. Good job as usual, Ushlin!


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