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Isshiden Forest

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Terith Karuna

Terith Karuna
"Yah get some sleep now, a few of the cots are open." Terith mentioned as he watched her yawn. His expression for several moments however was more of deep thought as she spoke of changes to the Conguran nation. To what she meant by that...it proved for some subtle but powerful means most likely not able to be done by this expedition. But, they could always try.

"I myself have some things to think on, and I've had some rest already. And, thank you for staying."

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King Maero

King Maero
"Have you forgotten already, how I sleep?" Eilan asked, slowly rising up to her feet into a long stretch, holding her arms high above her head with a ruffling fan of her tail feathers and a soft squeak in the back of her throat. And once done, she turned, quietly stepping past the sleeping, and waking, soldiers.

"I will meet you in the morning to guide you all back to Kilan. The earlier the better." She mentioned, taking one side of the hanging cloth 'door' of the tent and pulling it back. Though before she slipped out fully, she did glance over her shoulder, offering Terith a soft smile, and a gentle perking of her winged ears.

"You are welcome, too. Thank you for letting me stay."

But with that, she left, off to her own tent to sleep. Perhaps she could get in a few flights in the early morning before everyone was awake, if she went to sleep now.


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