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A note about Applications!

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1A note about Applications! Empty A note about Applications! on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:49 pm

King Maero

King Maero
So, chances are you've seen those mini-forums below with the world Application: before them. This means that you're open to create a major part of Quodalaar!

Following the template placed for each Application, you can create your own Race, Beast, Nation, and of course Character. As it is, all Role Playing characters must be accepted before you can start Role Playing. This is only a precaution to ensure quality on Quodalaar. (Don't worry! Even if you aren't the best of Role Players, we strive to bring a collective, helpful, talented community. We'll help you to become better should you need it!)

That said, when you place an application, we ask that you create a new topic per application.


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