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The Volus Festival

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King Maero

King Maero
"Are dancing, dashing, and dodging not all the same?" Maggie returned, tilting her head back to laugh softly, truly enjoying herself as she kept in time with Terrinath's elegant lead, "After all," She continued, "A dance on the battlefield is just a touch more deadly than it is in a room like this."

Albeit one was a physical deadly, and the other was a social deadly. But we'll not dwell on that.

Tilting her head back up to look at him, she offers Terrinath a bright, yet elusive sort of smile. As if there was something she still wanted to say, but what she said next, wasn't it.

"Let's dance the night away, Terri. Then when you go months without it, you can just think back on this night." Perhaps she was finally beginning to lighten up that mysterious veil - Or perhaps she'd had just a little too much wine, and it hadn't taken effect until just now.


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