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King Maero

King Maero
Name (Pronouncement, if any) = A description goes here, this must be at least a paragraph long and contain a brief summary either of the beast history or of specific notes about the beasts.

It is important to include the build of the race. Is it a bulky build? Is it a lanky build? Lithe? Muscular? Envision an animal you're making your race after and take traits from it.

Male: Remember. Builds may and should vary between males and females.

Female: Remember. Builds may and should vary between males and females.

Unique features
List some features specifically unique to your beast. What sets it apart from the rest of the bestiary?

What does your beast look like physically?

Color: Create a color sheet for your beast. (Go into a program like Photoshop or use a color-picker online and get the Hex Codes.)



Fun Facts (Optional)
Fact and Fiction are completely optional! If you think the world would have made fiction or myths about your race, go ahead and list some. Be sure to counter each myth with a fact!



The young of beasts are usually different from the final product. Explain the traits of the offspring of your beast, and how the young differs from the adults.

Mating rituals (Optional)
Self Explanatory, and entirely optional. This option was mostly for laughs.


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