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The place for the public RP of Quodalaar to take place. Don't know what Quodalaar is? Take a look at Quodalaar.wikispaces.com!

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King Maero

King Maero
Geography: What is your region like? Does it contain snow? Jungles? Deserts? Forests? Is it in water?

Size: How big is your region? Is it considered a Country, or a State? Something bigger, something smaller? Bear in mind, you cannot apply for a Continent, or anything larger than that, without express Administrator permission.

Economy: Will your region be poor, or rich? Third-World, or First-World? Is it comprised of villages and huts, or cities and towns? (When deciding this, bear in mind that while Quodalaar ranges from the most primitive to the technology of the future, technology is very scarce in the face of magic. Quodalaar is still a more or less primitive planet in most respects.)


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